Guidelines for 2023 Post UTME Screening Exercise

A.   Computer Software Requirements for the 2023 OAU PostUTME screening exercise

Processor:              Intel Pentium minimum

Memory:                 2GB minimum RAM

Storage:                 25GB minimum free space

Mouse:                   Functional Mouse

WebCam:               In built Webcam

Speaker:                In built Speaker

Microphone:          In built Microphone

Windows:              Windows 10 or Windows 11

Browser:               Safe Exam Browser


B.   Software to install before the examination

1.     Safe Exam Browser

Use this link to download the latest version:

 2.     Install the SAFE EXAM BROWSER on your device.

Please note that throughout the period of the screening exercise, you will be required to ONLY use the “SAFE EXAM BROWSER”.

C.   Directions to take examination

1.     The examination can be accessed by either clicking the "Click Here To Take Exam" link at the bottom of this email or by logging in via

 2.     Use your UTME NUMBER AS USERNAME and SURNAME IN LOWERCASE as password.

 3.     Upon logging in, click the "Take Exam" button to access the examinations instructions page where you would be required to follow the steps:

4.     Using the Safe Exam Browser, download your unique examination configuration

5.     Launch the downloaded configuration file to start your examination, then click "Enter" to start your assessment.


MAC OS and Linux systems are NOT supported

Click Here to Take a Sample Test

D.   General Examination Instructions

1.     This is a competitive qualifying aptitude test. candidates must conduct themselves accordingly. Candidates are advised to have a reliable internet connection before attempting the online aptitude test.

2.     Candidates’ activities during the period of the aptitude test will be monitored and recorded. Candidates will be required to attempt the test with a webcam and microphone enabled device. (Use of mobile phones for the aptitude test is not supported).

3.     Candidates are not allowed to cover their webcams during the period of the aptitude test. Our inability to see the candidate at any time during the test may result in disqualification.

4.     During the aptitude test, candidates are not permitted to leave their seating position. Please adequately prepare before commencing the test.

5.     Candidates may not be assisted during the period of the screening exercise. Nobody is permitted to be around a candidate during the period of the test, not even family members. Candidates may be disqualified if anybody is seen around them during the test.

6.     The duration of the aptitude test is 60 minutes. The time starts to count immediately candidates click the start button and continues to count even if they log out before the 60 minutes lapses.

7.     Do not read the questions out during the aptitude test. This may result in disqualification.

8.     In the event that you run out of time, the aptitude test will automatically be submitted.

9.     Use of earpiece, headphones, facemask or face caps during the examination is prohibited.

10. Candidates should note that they can only commence the examination at their scheduled time.

For assistance before and during the aptitude test, please contact


Best of Luck

OAU Post UTME Team

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